Poetry Written By Antoinette

Insomnia Train

Caged lion paces ready to pounce

Adrenalin pulses veins

Twisted, tangled sheets

Melatonin stained


Pictures flash, old comic strip

Like first Mickey Mouse cartoon

Out of synch, my cards flipped

Random, garbled images


Ali verses Foreman

Punch to eyes

Go to your corner

Turn pillow to cool side


Mary had a little lamb

I have bed of ‘bleeping’ sheep

Rooster crows, dead of night

No sleep, no sleep, no sleep


All Aboard

Elusive Alaskan Lady

Elusive Alaskan Lady

She seduces us through milky white blankets

Torso illuminated by soft, summer sun

Showing curves, crevices; full-skirted wide hips


Evergreen servants stand. Guards at attention

Below this elusive one


Under wispy white cap hints of snowy ringlets

Coyly veiling fine facial features

All-knowing eyes


No need to flaunt, rather keep allure

So we return and her suitors

Never tire of enduring beauty


Her spirit echoes through howling wolves,

Clucking Ptarmigan, baaing sheep,

Munching moose, guttural grizzlies


This overseer; protector of her land

Enticing visitors

Each enamored by the “Great One”

Denali, Denali



When I am quiet enough I hear my heart sing

the most beautiful of songs

millions upon millions of voices join

my ancestors, yours


There is harmony, human and animal,

babies cooing, cats purring

tunes from every bird that has ever sung, donkey that has brayed,

worms tunneling through plant root maze

ants trudging amongst dinosaur bones

determined in their mission

on earth, in earth


I listen to the chorus of my body cells

energized, heralding

coupled to tempo of my pulse

and the pulse of all creation

in synch


Rhythms of connectedness, cooperation

heartaches and waterfalls

not a sad song


it is springtime’s swaying dance

creek’s babble-gurgle, babble-gurgle

baby’s rhythmic whisper-breath

lovers’ synchronized heartbeats

offset by quaking

mingled with thunder


life’s song

in my heart


And, if I am still enough, quiet enough,

to life connected

if I listen to the symphony

I hear

all is well

we are one.

Heart of Hearts

In my heart of hearts

I am beautiful, billowy and boundless

a thousand butterflies flurry


My warm, rich, red blood pulses deep and proud

from generations of fighting-for-freedom fore-fathers

strained, sorted and sifted specifically for my heart


My vision takes on a rose hue

age spots disappear, replaced by honor badges

wrinkles smooth, reflecting my mind’s eye not my mirror’s

judgment, errors wiped clean, swapped for wisdom, kindness

harsh words chiseled, frayed edges curved and molded round


My grandchildren listen to my off-key singing

hearing not notes but soothing love-lullabies

I am song in their hearts

I am also four-years-old, building sand castles,

running uninhibited, naked on the beach,

twirling, whirling, arms out-stretched, free


There are no bullies, prejudices, pontificating politicians

no need to take off my shoes at the airport, no Homeland Security, no ISIS

no 6 o’clock news


My house is dusted, dirt free

my mind is too

I still make mud-pies


The wind whispers, the sun shines

In my heart of hearts

I am the wind and the sun

blowing, beaming

I am the moon and the stars and

all wishes come true

Hawaiian  Perfume

Sweet –scented plumeria


Warm, moist air fills lungs

Sun’s rays sprinkle serenity

Toes slide into powdery warm sands

Sprouting calm from feet to heart


Endless tropical blue sky

Melds, marries ocean

Wave-rhythm rocks soul

To island lullaby


Then, voice mirrors island cadence

Swaying with soothing essence

Lightness in tone, flimsy edges,

With feathery punctuation


Enveloped in “aloha” spirit