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"No More " - by Antoinette Foxworthy


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In 1995 Dr. Anita Stone, a respected orthopedic  surgeon in Northern California, found herself in an untenable situation. She knew she had to leave her abusive marriage but fear and embarrassment strangled her. When, on October 3rd, she heard the O.J. Simpson verdict of not guilty, it became the catalyst for her new resolve.     There were many things to consider. How serious are her husband's  threats? Where should she go? Will he follow her? What is holding her back? Why can’t they just break up civilly?     After another attack Dr. Stone escaped into the dark. There was no plan. One thing was certain. She wanted no more!


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 From Kevin - The hidden pervasiveness of spousal abuse has been kept in the shadows for so long, and I believe many men have zero idea how truly horrible the epidemic is in America today. Ms. Foxworthy’s novel opened my eyes to the level of hatred and physical damage a husband will inflict on his wife in fits of control and rage. My eyes are forever opened to the despicable capabilities of a man who refuses to let go of trying to overpower his wife with his words, or his fists. Talented writers often weaves a fictional tale that could be as true as any in real life, and No More’s author expertly crafts a story that could be the life of any woman you know. I dare you to read this story and NOT think of a loved one who you need to ask if everything is OK in their world. No More entertained me, it enlightened me, and it made me hyper aware of the abusive underworld that women live in fear of. Thank you Antoinette for this masterfully written novel!!!

From Lori - I've just finished your book, and with tears streaming down my face, knew I had to email you right away. 

I don't ever remember crying while finishing a book...Excellent Toni, the best book I've read in a loooong time I can confidently say I don't remember ever being as riveted to a book!. I can see why your writing peers were pleading for more and why it kept you awake at night. 

I read 4 chapters 3 nights in a row and decided it was not "bedtime" reading. Proceeded to read as much as I could yesterday, and finished the last 100 pages this morning! 

Completely riveting and deserving of a 6 out of 5, thoroughly enjoyed it, can't wait for if or when your next book is done!!

 With love, hugs, and congratulations

Jacqui - A real page turn, would make a great movie. Well written on such a touchy subject, classic case of see something say something. 

Others -  I read your book shortly after I saw you at your launch party. You are a very gifted story teller and an incredibly talented writer. Most impressive, however, was the way you told the chilling story of domestic abuse at its ugliest, in a way where I could see the hidden damage being done in marriages every day. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to the horrific, cancerous epidemic of spousal violence that unfortunately exists today. You have my support, my friend...

Just finished your book and had to share it was such a page turner!!! I was nervous because of the sensitive subject which is exactly the reason to read it! Can’t wait to discuss it at book club but didn’t want to wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Thanks!

Thank you! Yes, we all learned a lot during the OJ Simpson trial about the ordeal and agony of an abusive situation. Using it as a reference point as the book begins was really smart. It jolted our memories of Nicole Simpson’s tragic death and how it came about. Your writing is so important in helping to stop the cycle of abuse.