Continuing my message . . . No More

Who would have thought that writing this book would take me to places I’ve never visited, speaking engagements in foreign countries, teaching college classes and meeting some fabulous people?  I’m honored to have been a guest speaking at Los Positas College teaching English students “Ten Keys to Writing Your First Novel”.  I’ve been to Utah twice for book events. A woman heard me speak and asked me to come back and speak to her group.  I’ve been to over a dozen book clubs and met some wonderful people who have either shared their stories or stories of others that they know.  During each of these meetings, book clubs or speaking engagements I’ve talked about being the catalyst for someone in a domestic abusive relationship. We’ve discussed things to say to someone that might help them make the first step, or the second, or the third to finally be on the path without abuse in their life.  I’m booked to go to Tennessee in March.  Continuing my message…NO MORE.

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Antoinette Foxworthy