"No More" is flying off the shelves

The books are flying off the shelves, particularly on  I want to thank everyone who has read my book and, in particular, those who have given me feedback, written reviews and/or started a conversation about domestic violence.  I’ve already booked six more readings/discussions/book clubs/launches in February/March. I’m looking forward to continuing to market No More, while waiting for Oprah to call and put me on her preferred reading list! With the help of friends, we are compiling lists of the actors to play the four main characters. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you.

And for those of you who think only women read this book, below are two reviews from men.

 “Toni, I read your book shortly after I saw you at your launch party. You are a very gifted story teller and an incredibly talented writer. Most impressive, however, was the way you told the chilling story of domestic abuse at its ugliest, in a way where I could see the hidden damage being done in marriages every day. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart …” Kevin

 “Antoinette Foxworthy has put together a compelling story of a brave woman facing a monstrous abusive husband. For male readers it gives greater understanding as to how loving and smart women can enter into and stay too long in an abusive relationship. Interesting that the OJ Simpson trial inspired her escape from the abusive husband, and with her book release OJ has now been released from prison. Also timely are the current exposes and national discussions of sexual abuse revealed by women who have sometimes stayed quiet for decades regarding their stories of bullying, abuse, and assaults by sociopathic men. The book "No More" is a good read with a page-turning ending.” George

Antoinette Foxworthy